Uncover consumer insights to drive online success

How, where and when people shop is rapidly shifting to digital channels. To drive digital success, you need to understand how consumers shop online and how they make decisions.

  • How do your online and brick-and-mortar store strategies work together? 
  • Which new products, bundles, packs will drive sales in the digital space?
  • What are the most influential touchpoints to prioritize marketing investments along complex consumer decision journeys?
  • Does your online content engage consumers and convince them to buy?
  • How do you build loyalty and maximize revenue for online subscription business models? 

As an eCommerce research innovator, SKIM provides accurate and actionable answers to questions like these. We combine 40 years of experience in analyzing consumer behavior with innovative digital and mobile-first research solutions.

Check out our resources, strategies and solutions. 

Influence online shopping behavior with these strategies

Understand & influence the consumer journey


Untangle complex consumer decision journeys to prioritize marketing resources and deliver message to have maximum impact.

Optimize eCommerce advertising and online content


Boost consumer engagement and drive sales with tools and strategies to improve your advertising and product content online. 

eCommerce pricing, promotion & portfolio planning


Build revenue and customer loyalty by making the right eCommerce pricing, promotion and product portfolio decisions. 

Implement and optimize your subscription model


Build and hone subscription business models for customer retention, maximum revenue, and long-term success. 


Maximize online subscription revenue per user

Boost revenue by delivering right-sized subscription offerings at prices consumers are willing to pay, with insights into consumer attitudes, motivations and behaviors.


Increase online conversion by reducing psychological distance 

Drive consumer choice by developing online product imagery guidelines that incorporate proven consumer psychology principles.

Explore decision journeys and online shopping behavior

Optimize your marketing mix with insights about how, when and where consumers search, browse and shop online. 

SKIM Digital + Mobile Toolbox for digital commerce insights

Digishop: DigiShop: 
Mimic and better understand online shopping behavior

Mimic and better understand online shopping behavior

Replicate online environments to learn what drives shopper behavior so you can understand and influence purchase decisions. 

Unspoken: Mobile implicit testing

Implicit and mobile testing of consumer preferences

Screen eCommerce content e.g. concepts and videos with our engaging mobile solution that uses swiping and tapping techniques.

Decision Journey Mapping: 
Reveal consumer triggers, touchpoints and experience

Decision Journey Mapping:
Reveal consumer triggers, touchpoints and experience

Gain clarity around complex and multifaceted decision journeys with our qualitative, quantitative and behavioral methodologies.

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