Research methodologies and innovations

At SKIM, our methodologists are more than just statistical experts. Apart from understanding all standard multivariate statistical methods and how to apply these to solve your challenges, we are always looking to innovate.  We combine SKIM’s behavioral frameworks with the latest technologies to develop new analytics approaches – solutions that are more accurate and holistic. The world’s leading companies and consultancy firms trust SKIM because of our methodological rigor and validated predictions.

We’re passionate about sharing our analytical expertise with clients and industry peers. Check out some of our latest content below.

Quantitative methodologies


Unspoken® is SKIM's mobile research innovation that blends implicit research techniques with an engaging mobile interface.

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Conjoint analysis

All you need to know about Conjoint analysis and its derivatives: CBC, ACBC, MBC, HB.

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MaxDiff analysis

Maximum Difference (MaxDiff) analysis, also known as “best-worst scaling”, is used to indicate the best and worst item from a subset of it.

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Segmentation Analysis

A marketing technique that, based on common characteristics, allows you to split your customers or products into different groups.

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Key Driver Analysis

Key Driver Analysis allows you to understand what drives your KPIs (brand perception & value,…

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All you need to know about SKIM-owned SKIMulator: Market simulator and Monte-Carlo simulation.

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Qualitative methodologies

Digital qualitative

All you need to know about Online bulletin board and Online interviews (webcam).

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Applied qualitative

All you need to know about Creative lab, and industry/market understanding.

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Traditional qualitative

All you need to know about In-depth interview and Focus group.

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