Knowing that shoppers are increasingly engaging with more than one channel in their decision journey, it’s increasingly important to understand each step and activity along the way. During this webinar on June 1st, we explained how we worked with Mars Petcare to map customer journeys to optimize touch points and influence the interaction of channel behavior.

SKIM – Client Solutions Manager
Mars Petcare – Sr. Manager Shoppper Insights eCommerce

What you learn in “Optimizing the OMNI in Omnichannel” with Mars Petcare

Using a case study from Mars Petcare as well as other key players in e-commerce, we discussed:

  • Influencing awareness of omnichannel
  • Understanding triggers and barriers for each channel
  • The role of search and ratings/reviews
  • Defining the degree and purpose of Webrooming
  • Optimizing shipping/autoship
  • Using omnichannel strategy to build loyalty

By the end of the session, you would understand how and where we could influence the customer journey among channels to more consistently convert explorers to buyers and build loyalty to the brand.