Today the amount of big data available can be overwhelming: ad hoc primary research studies, ongoing brand tracking studies, customer data, retail transactions, digital platforms metrics, you name it. Moreover, these sources are often isolated islands of information. What if you could integrate these islands to tap into the power of meta-insights with our advanced modeling?

At SKIM, we can help you extract more value from your existing data by looking at it in new ways. Our econometric modelers specialize in evaluating and fusing proprietary data such as tracking studies, retail transactions, and customer data, with external economic and climate factors, social media data, population dynamics and market trends. We utilize advanced market modeling to reveal previously unseen trends, patterns and insights on your brands and categories.

With roots in advanced research methodologies and choice modeling, SKIM has been helping leading companies like yours for 40 years to understand and predict decision behavior across markets and industries.

From optimizing your marketing and innovation strategies to predicting decision behavior, we employ a variety of data-fusion techniques, statistical modeling and machine learning to uncover the most robust results and actionable insights.

Gain deeper brand insights by exploring a new approach to brand tracking

Tracking studies provide extensive information on brand perceptions over time. They play an important role in understanding what influences consumers and professionals to make decisions. However, as these groups become more empowered and have more choices to consider, your approach to brand trackers needs to evolve as well.

To tackle these issues, an increasing number of companies have turned to SKIM for an optimized brand driver analysis solution to extract “the most juice” from brand trackers. Drawing on our roots in advanced modeling, our brand driver analysis solution helps you understand how consumers perceive the market you are in and what the position of each brand is. By adapting your brand trackers to address today’s reality, you’ll be able to both predict the marketplace and react quickly to execute new strategies. Armed with this new research approach for analyzing stated and unstated factors, you’ll be better equipped to prioritize marketing strategies in the most accurate, data-driven way.

In this webinar, we shared how to use your existing tracking data to gain deeper insights in what drives value in your market – and what you can do to optimize your brand perception. We also shared the process you should follow in a drivers analysis project on this Quirk’s publication, starting from client interaction and definition of KPIs to uncovering white spaces in the market vis-à-vis competitors.

Optimize marketing and innovation strategies with smarter segments

To thrive in today’s competitive marketplace, it’s crucial your innovation and marketing strategies are in tune with the constantly evolving preferences of your customer segments. Adapting your approach to segmentation can help you better identify and target groups of customers with different needs & preferences.

With SKIM’s segmentation solution you can better tailor your marketing activities and innovation pipeline towards each segment by understanding if you have the relevant value proposition for each segments, including the segment size, profile and product/service preferences.

Leading consumer and technology companies have turned to SKIM to ensure their segments are distinct and reachable from a marketing and financial perspective. Learn how we helped Google use segmentation to drive new thinking about gaming.

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