The mobility industry is experiencing unprecedented disruption as the net-zero transition unfolds at a tremendous pace. In automotive, public policy and corporate strategies have converged around electric vehicles. But the industry is not on track to complete this transition at the pace that policy requires, opening the door for challenger companies to enter and capture market share from incumbents. 

These market conditions present a new and distinct challenge for the auto industry: a shift to selling behavior change as opposed to refreshed models every year. We help our clients gain the insights to successfully navigate this transition:

  • Which consumer segments to target to accelerate EV adoption
  • The triggers and barriers that kick-start, progress or block consumers on their journey 
  • Which messaging and marketing strategies will drive conversion and build brand strength
  • The feature tiers and price points with the strongest potential to optimize revenue

As a global leader in decision-behavior research, SKIM helps our clients win in the net-zero transition by uncovering who is ready and how to effectively stimulate behavior change. 

Listen to our podcast to learn how Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can tackle EV Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) confusion, why EV incentives may not work, and how consumer attitudes about EV driving range may be outdated.

SKIM solutions for automotive + mobility insights

Decision Journey Mapping: 
Reveal consumer triggers, touchpoints and experience

Customer Decision Journey Mapping

The journey to a first EV purchase is still complex. We help our clients understand their customers’ triggers, paths and barriers to be able to remove friction and increase conversion.

Communications Strategy & Testing

We help our clients develop strong comms strategies based on a deep understanding of their customers. Our proprietary tools then help determine why a particular execution works or underperforms, allowing us to optimize messaging.

Feature Optimisation & Pricing

SKIM is a leading expert in conjoint and choice modeling. We use these approaches to help our clients determine the optimal price and feature tiers, as well as portfolio architecture, based on their performance goals.