Choice modeling

Solutions and advice on advanced choice modeling for consulting firms and research agencies

Are you looking for support in your choice modeling research project? Are you in need of a conjoint expert? Look no further. Our SKIM Research Services & Solutions team (RS&S) is dedicated to providing solutions and advice on advanced choice behavior modeling for consulting firms and research agencies.

To decide what product to sell and for what price, business managers rely on you, as researcher, to come up with recommendations on the right configuration and pricing. In an ideal world you would be equipped with limitless time and budgets and have on-site interviewing continuums in place gathering real-time market intelligence. In reality, you are crazy-busy and face high pressure timelines and budget restrictions. Yet, you are equally driven to have your insights reflect sentiments, reveal trends and result in accurate predictions.

In our RS&S team, we model choice behavior given real business- and market conditions. We have the means and momentum to deliver you the right tools and solutions. Adopting your challenges and smoothing the process flow to give you the feeling of working in an extended virtual team. We believe in designing choice experiments that are both cost- and time efficient while on the other hand mimicking the actual purchase decision to get realistic results.

The focus is on discrete choice, as we like people to display natural behavior, and then to deliver you easily accessible insights by means of a market simulator. Whether we choose to apply (adaptive) choice-based, menu-based or best-worst, we want to maximize the output while minimizing the input.