Like many alcohol brands, Edrington UK emerged from the pandemic having to adapt to new shopper journeys. New consumption patterns led to a channel shift towards digital commerce. Consumers were increasingly turning towards “off-trade” channels (licensees, online retailers, etc.) to enjoy more cocktails at home.

As a result, the company set out on a data-driven approach to understand how shopper behavior changed and bring clarity to the complex whisky category. Deep diving into the complex pathways to purchase was critical for their mainstream and prestige brands in the dark spirits category.

Uncovering these insights was key for the UK’s #1 whisky supplier to optimize its omnichannel marketing effectiveness.

Join our session with Edrington UK to learn the four-step insights and activation approach used to:

  • Ensure Edrington UK prestige brands would show up in the most influential parts of the path to purchase
  • Know what ‘winning’ looks like across channels and at each offline touchpoint, so they could optimize their marketing strategy, spending, and tactics
  • Uncover online growth opportunities and strengthen retailer partnerships
  • Adopt a more data-driven process for decision making

What you will learn:

  1. How to uncover and prioritize the distinct paths to purchase shoppers take, including the rational and emotional drivers for each stage of the shopper journey
  2. How to identify the highest-value touchpoints to optimize and prioritize omnichannel marketing efforts
  3. How to translate shopper journey insights into a valuable framework that aligns stakeholders and improves decision-making across the organization

Date: Wednesday, May 3, 2023
Time: 4:45 pm – 5:15 pm UK time
Location: Room 2; InterContinental London – The O2
SKIM Booth: 516

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About the presenters

Rebecca Ramsay, Senior Consumer Insights & Reporting Manager – Edrington UK

Rebecca is a Senior Consumer Insights & Reporting Manager at Edrington UK.

Stephen Scales, Director

Stephen is a Director based in SKIM’s London office. For the last 15+ years Stephen has been consulting across multi-methodology research programs, bringing together the best practices from all sectors of the industry. Stephen regularly employs a range of methodological skillsets in his work covering rigorous analytical processes all the way through to ethnographic observation of buyers during their shopper journeys. His experience covers telecommunications, technology, automotive, consumer packaged goods, and consumer health (including healthcare).

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