Nearly all decision journeys have shifted recently – new journeys have emerged, while others have been reshaped. As habits and behaviors change, consumers are choosing (or forced to choose) different ways of exploring, discovering and buying products.

Do you know where and how your brand needs to show up – when it matters the most?

With an abundance of online and offline triggers, touchpoints, transitions, and interactions, that means an equal number of paths-to-purchases for consumers. If your brand wants to drive behavior change, you must understand how consumers transition through decision journey touchpoints and the specific sequences of those interactions.

SKIM Decision Journey Mapping is a sophisticated insights approach which offers brands clarity on today’s multifaceted and messy consumer decision journeys. Our approach to mapping decision journeys is more accurate and actionable than traditional journey frameworks.


Traditional pre-defined journey frameworks don’t fit reality. They don’t capture the complexity of real-world consumer decision journeys. Decision journeys are non-linear in nature and context-driven (mobile, location, occasion, social media, etc.). Read our 6 steps to identify and untangle today’s consumer decision journeys.

Our proprietary journey modelling approach is rooted in advanced analytics and combines decades of decision behavior experience and eCommerce expertise. SKIM Decision Journey Mapping was uniquely developed to help uncover and prioritize multiple journey possibilities.  The approach provides a more holistic view of decision journeys thanks to passive metering and digital tracking behavior analysis. By capturing stated and behavioral consumer data, we can fill in the “real-world” behavioral gaps missing from other research approaches.

What you can expect from SKIM Decision Journey Mapping

SKIM Decision Journey Mapping equips brands to:

  • Uncover the unique and actionable shopper journeys that exist in your category
  • Understand which touchpoints are most impactful to better align marketing investments
  • Identify the where, when, what and how of touchpoints across the entire decision journey
  • Determine the economic potential of different journeys to help prioritize marketing strategies

Empowering healthcare journeys for patients and physicians

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