Do you know how your customers shop in today’s digital world? What are the most influential channels and touch points in their customer journey and how can you impact these? How does this work for the new product category you wish to enter?

Every customer’s decision journey is different, and it is constantly being altered by new information, options and influencers. Our Decision and Customer Journey Mapping shows you the evolving behavior patterns of how your customers research and buy products and services – in an actionable way. We help you identify and map triggers and need states, and examine the influence of brand, advertising and word of mouth at various stages of the customer decision journey.

Do you know which touchpoints matter most to physicians and patients in today’s digital world? Find out now!

Combining SKIM’s advanced analytics with decades of decision behavior experience, we uncover new insights about key touchpoints and their impact on decision behavior. SKIM’s Decision and Customer Journey Mapping is a powerful solution for a variety of industries and business scenarios including category entry, B2B, B2C, and omnichannel environments.

How can you achieve eCommerce success amidst disrupted consumer behavior