Call us chic geeks, we love what we do and it’s infectious. Committed to our analytical roots, we are constantly evolving, inventing, and innovating to help you perform better.

Some facts about SKIM

  • We were founded in 1979 in the Netherlands by our current Chairman, Dirk Huisman
  • SKIM has 9 offices worldwide: The HQ in Rotterdam (NL). London (UK), Berlin (DE), Hoboken (USA), San Francisco (USA), Atlanta (USA), San José (Costa Rica), São Paulo (BR), and Singapore
  • We serve clients in the following industries: Consumer health, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, FMCG, telecoms, technology, and banking
  • We set industry standards when it comes to advanced modelling and conjoint analysis and are partners with Sawtooth Software, the biggest and most established developer of conjoint analysis software.
  • SKIMmers come from all over the world, we represent more than 30 nationalities
  • We have strong relations with ESOMAR; the global voice of the data, research and insights community
  • Our Headquarters in the Netherlands won an award for the healthiest company, based on our focus on work-life balance and health.
  • SKIM is an ambassador of Oxfam Novib; a global institute that encourages entrepreneurship to fight poverty

We want to be the experts in analyzing and predicting customer decision behavior in order to help leading companies perform better. SKIM people create and sustain a refreshingly human environment in which we take ownership, are inventive and collaborate in a global network.

What makes SKIM a great company to work for?

We are the decision behavior experts

SKIM people are specialized in customer decision behavior, bridging the rational and emotional, we partner with leading companies to understand and influence the customer journey across all channels. We are constantly looking to innovate, we try to understand our clients and provide solutions that impact them. Our methodologists are known in the industry for some of the most advanced models out there and companies like BCG and McKinsey turn to us when a study gets too complex.

SKIM brings and stands for a supportive social context, we are people oriented

We work in very tight-knit teams and socializing is as important to us as enjoying work. We have regular team building events, monthly drinks in the office, and an annual team building events with colleagues from other offices. We are all smart and supportive people we inspire each other on a daily base. Besides, we see ourselves as a group of friends instead of just being colleagues. We might even schedule weekend trips together!

As an ambassador of Oxfam Novib we believe to help a little in bringing this people oriented philosophy further. Oxfam Novib is a non-profit organization that brings people autonomy by giving them the first facilities in the fight against poverty.

SKIM takes work-life balance very seriously, the company is founded based on this

SKIM’s founder, Dirk Huisman, started the company 38 years ago based on the notion that he wanted to do challenging and interesting work, but also invest time in raising his kids and enjoy his hobbies.

These core values are in our DNA and a good work-life balance is vital for us. We all know that projects have deadlines and that we need to go the extra mile to deliver the best results for our clients. However, we also want you to take time off when it is less busy, so you can keep your balance.
Besides, you can always find some fruit in our kitchens and sign up for our sports initiatives. We participated in marathons all over the world, we have yoga lessons, we do boot camp, but most of all: we do these things together: we’re a team!

SKIM offers you autonomy and flexibility in your work

People at SKIM take ownership of the work they are responsible for. Therefore, we offer the flexibility and autonomy to set your own working hours to best fit your personal schedule, taking into account your fellow team members and clients. As we’re all doing this together and for each other! Another form of autonomy is the way you set up your work. Want to swap desks or work from home every now or then, no problem! There are enough options and variations. This also counts for the projects you work on. If you are more of the entrepreneurial type you might find yourself working on a diversity of different projects!

SKIM offers great training opportunities as we want to develop our staff in the best way possible

All new SKIM people will visit our corporate office in the Netherlands to attend SKIMone, a training week with SKIM people from all over the world. New SKIMmers consecutively experience working in different industries, different research solutions and get to know our methodological experts in decision behavior who build advanced models. This allows you to quickly establish an internal network of experts, so you know where to go in case you need help on any work. Our SKIMcampus provides you to share and gain knowledge with SKIM globally.

Every individual has his own development path. This is something we clearly understand. Therefore, you will be directed to a mentor during your onboarding and from the start of your career at SKIM you’ll have a ‘personal development’-manager who will guide you along the way. At SKIM we look at individual dreams and goals, together we make it happen. It is a balance of being challenged and empowered.

SKIM is internationally minded

With our 9 offices worldwide, we serve our clients on a global level. Having client meetings abroad and working in international virtual project teams is the standard. We hire people from all over the world who can learn you all sorts of different cultures. Being international also brings in great potential to go on an exchange for the short or long term somewhere. SKIM greatly encourages people to broaden their horizon and we see a great win-win in these exchanges by means of knowledge sharing as well as personal and professional growth.

SKIM doesn’t only challenge you, we dare you to think along on our long-term strategy

We believe you are our greatest asset in our services. Therefore, we need your input in order to succeed and innovate. Our mission and vision statements are clear and transparent. By means of workflow sessions and knowledge sharing we keep you up to date on the latest developments and will ask you to think along setting our strategies. Our people are consulted during important organizational decision moments. We value your input and feedback on almost all topics you can think of.

SKIM offers a competitive market-based reward package

Besides all the above-mentioned areas we also offer a competitive base salary. And, if SKIM does well, that means you do well: When possible, we offer annual profit sharing to all our employees.