At SKIM we are passionate about inspiring each other, challenging each other and collaborating with each other. This is central to our culture and central to our commitment to the world. 

We are determined to address the most important mission of our generation – to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Inspired by the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), we are focusing our efforts around three core aspirations where we believe we can make a positive social impact.

This promise – our pact to invest in an improved world, we call:

Together with the intellectual rigor and commitment of our SKIMmers, we aim to achieve these goals by 2025.

SKIMpact goals at a glance

SKIMpact is our commitment to three core goals that demonstrate what we aim to do as a company, to protect and benefit our world. Our SKIMmers care deeply about our world around us. They are committed to making an impact in our communities and with our clients.

Empowerment of people

Empowering people to achieve their dreams and live a life they value

Become a carbon positive company

To become carbon positive by off-setting more emissions than we make

Help our clients towards net-zero

To equip our clients with the knowledge to accelerate towards net-zero

Discover more about SKIMpact in action

Find out how some of our SKIMmers have personally helped engender meaningful change

Empowering people to achieve their dreams and lead lives that they value

Farah Malik, an analyst from our Singapore office, helped lead a project that empowered underprivileged students to reach their learning potential.

Together with her team, Farah was able to empower a group of 13-17 year old students from underprivileged backgrounds by providing them with an ‘Excel for Beginners’ workshop. Most of these students had little to no prior knowledge of Excel and, as this skill isn’t generally taught in schools in Singapore, there was the real chance they would struggle when entering the job market. Resources available for learning Excel can be costly and cheaper online sessions lack interactivity, so for SKIMmers to be able to use their knowledge to benefit their wider community was a perfect embodiment of our first SKIMpact goal.

“I’d always been an advocate for education as a key driver of social mobility, so I was thrilled to find out that SKIMpact strongly supported educational empowerment. It felt great to be able to harness our SKIM skills and make a real difference in peoples’ lives.”

Farah Malik, Analyst, Singapore office

Become carbon positive by off-setting more emissions than we make

Merel Tilmans, a manager from our Rotterdam office, turned our SKIM analytical rigor on our own company to measure our carbon footprint so that we know exactly what we need to offset in order to become carbon positive by 2025.

Merel used her investigative skills to calculate the carbon footprint of SKIM. After months of collating data from multiple sources, across nine regions and featuring a multitude of categories from flights to food; Merel created a bespoke working dashboard that calculates at any point in time the environmental impact of SKIM.

“It was really fulfilling, on both a personal and a professional level, to have the opportunity to use my analytical experience to create something that will have a lasting positive environmental impact.”

Merel Tilmans, Manager, Rotterdam office

Help our clients accelerate towards net-zero

Amy Ye, a manager from our Atlanta office, has been an integral part of our sustainability language research project, resulting in the comprehensive Sustainability Communication Guidelines.

Amy and her team meta-analyzed hundreds of sustainability-related communications that we tested in various industries and markets between 2018 and 2020, to identify any patterns within and across categories, as well as regions of the globe. From there, they used our SKIM psychological distance lens to identify how brands can resonate more strongly with consumers on the evolving issue of sustainability. This encourages consumers to choose more sustainable products at point of purchase.

“The process of developing our Sustainability Communications Guidelines really encouraged me to be more conscious about my own buying decisions. I hope that by sharing these guidelines with brands, we can drive sustainable change in consumer behavior.”

Amy Ye, Manager, Atlanta office

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