SKIM is a global insights agency helping leading companies thrive by understanding decision-making. To stay ahead in today’s environment, it’s critical to know how decisions are made and how the changing environment influences decisions for consumers, healthcare and B2B professionals.

By understanding how decision-making has changed (and how it hasn’t!), we adapt sophisticated research techniques and develop new innovations to address this new reality. The result? Practical brand communications, revenue management, product innovation, e-Commerce, and advanced analytics recommendations you can use to propel your business forward, online and offline.

What sets SKIM apart is our decision behavior expertise + deep analytical and choice-modeling roots + a thorough understanding of the marketing challenges brands face. This unique combination, along with our creative thinking, is the reason why strategy consultants and leading companies, from Fortune 500 to digital disruptors, continue to partner with us for decades.

With 9 offices around the world and 150+ enthusiastic SKIMmers ready to help crack your business case, how can we team up with you today?

Our missions

  • To be the experts in analyzing and predicting customer decision behavior in order to help leading companies perform better.
  • To create and sustain a refreshingly human environment in which our people take ownership, are inventive and collaborate in a global network.

History at SKIM: Our journey and milestones throughout the year

Founded in 1979 by Dirk Huisman, SKIM has developed into a dynamic international customer insights agency with nine locations worldwide. In little over 35 years, our organization shaped up from an innovative, entrepreneurial individual into an international team of over 100 dedicated professionals from all over the world. And we are continuing to grow and expand… Read more

So, how can we help you?

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