The battle for online shoppers is fiercer than ever. To optimize your online strategies and increase ROI on marketing spend it’s critical to know what truly drives online decision making behind walled gardens.

Behind the walled-gardens

Many online and brick & mortar shoppers start their shopper journey on popular online retail websites (e.g. Amazon or Alibaba)  or review prices on comparison sites.  Unfortunately, uncovering behavioral data of online and mobile shoppers on these influential website and applications has been a blind spot for many marketers – until now.

SKIM DigiShop optimizes online conversion by predicting digital shopper behavior via realistic, replicated online environments. The solution can mimic eCommerce platforms, online retailers, price comparison sites, and mobile apps to help brands better influence online shopping behavior.

“Under the old paradigm we focused on media spend while under the new paradigm, we focus on the thumbnail [product] images to actually increase the outcomes of the ad campaigns.

With the same amount of ad spending, we could easily see 2 – 3 times more conversion”

Read how SKIM DigiShop’s eCommerce predictions were validated in-market

Where can you use DigiShop?

DigiShop helps drive eCommerce agility by testing content and strategies quickly and realistically. You can use DigiShop to help optimize your digital marketing strategies in the following areas: