What’s the optimal price architecture for your brand and product portfolio? Which product claims or visuals will best drive conversion online, on mobile or in store? How should you optimize your product portfolio? What product characteristics are must-haves vs. nice to have? Which innovations will best resonate with consumers at an emotional level? How can you best disrupt or reinforce consumer decision behavior?

SKIM’s consumer market experts have years of experience in answering these strategic business questions and more for leading companies and consumer brands alike, such as Kellogg’s, Unilever, Mars, and PepsiCo.

Predicting online shopper behavior

Today’s consumers often turn to online retailers as they begin their shopper journey. However, uncovering the behavioral data of online and mobile shoppers on these influential sites has been challenging, until now.

With SKIM DigiShop you can now capture actionable insights on eCommerce and mCommerce consumer behavior.

SKIM DigiShop lets you experiment with different scenarios in a confidential, realistic online retailer environment. Designed for desktop and mobile, it uses advanced analysis methodologies to reveal your consumers’ online decision-making processes.

Armed with these insights you can quickly adjust and iterate your online strategies, to stay ahead of the competition, including:

  • Digital content optimization
  • Price & bundle optimization
  • Ad impact

How can you achieve eCommerce success amidst disrupted consumer behavior