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We will be conducting a free Masterclass on Pricing and Communication, where we will have a select round table of clients across industries. Around 30 participants, who are senior-level market research clients, consultants and ad agency professionals based in Indonesia, will be joining us in these engaging sessions. Date: Wednesday,…

Wednesday 25 Apr 2018 Jakarta, Indonesia

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Client budgets and timelines are shrinking while the need for quality remains the same. That trend has spurred an increase in survey automation, but can such solutions be applied to qualitative research given its human-centric nature? If so, what are the trade-offs? Based on the results of a competition judged…

Monday 30 Apr 2018 New York City, US

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In PepsiCo’s highly competitive market environment, sales promotion is an essential marketing tool, especially for short-term cash flow. However, this can see consumers stocking up or looking for promotions, making accelerated or delayed purchases, and ultimately impacting brand sales far beyond the duration of any deals. How to decide on…

Thursday 10 May 2018 London, UK

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Biosimilars are on the rise and are challenging original brands at lower costs. To measure the impact of biosimilars on originator usage, market research is one method of developing these insights. However market research is not the only source of information, analogues can provide similar and/or additional information. In the…

Monday 14 May 2018 London, UK

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With the increased need for speed, should you add AI and automated research solutions to your research mix this year? We recently partnered with leading global food brand, Danone, to compare human analysis, machine analysis and a mix of the two for a qualitative research project. Can you guess who…

Thursday 24 May 2018 London, UK

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