Do you aim to drive motivation to purchase through wording and visuals? Are you looking to trigger trial usage of a new product or brand? Is there a need to create an emotional connection through your brand messaging?

Mixing content expertise and excellence in research methods, we are eager to partner with you to learn which communications strategy resonates best with your customers. We always uncover insight into why a particular communication is good or bad – providing an opportunity for further improvement and value beyond any single research project.

At SKIM, we utilize nearly a decade of experience in communications research to guide research and marketing teams of leading multinationals. Our expertise allows us to help you create, test and optimize brand messages, product claims, adcepts, packaging, calls to action and advertisements to ensure your brand or product can succeed.

SKIM’s Psychological Distance Theory

Tapping into consumer psychology can be an effective way to find ways to drive conversion, both online and offline. In collaboration with bright minds at the psychology department of New York University we have developed SKIM’s Psychological Distance Theory to help brands do just that.

Leading technology and consumer goods companies, like Google and Unilever, have used our Psychological Distance Theory to improve product messages, visuals and concepts. Do you want to improve your brand communications too? Click below to download our guide and learn how to apply our proven guidelines.

Brand Communication Guide