This webinar discusses how utilizing in-the-moment mobile research can be used to gain better insights on what drives decisions, particularly for the pharma industry. Feel free to review the webinar via the webcast and/or slide deck below.

When physicians get emotional: Using mobile devices to capture the truth behind prescribing decisions

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About the webinar

In order to implement a strategic marketing plan, it is critical to understand what drives the decisions of physicians when they prescribe pharmaceuticals. Conventional market research methods fall short in the deeper understanding since often the measurement (physician interview) takes place long after the occurrence (patient consultation). The resulting time lapse leads to over-rationalization and generalization, missing the depth behind physicians’ prescribing decisions.

SKIM has used mobile technology to overcome the lost time element by employing a Mobile Survey App to get closer to the moment of prescribing which has led to new insights and actions from Big Pharma. We use System 1 / System 2 theory developed by Daniel Kahneman to establish why prescribing decisions are often driven by emotions which makes conducting research “in-the-moment” so important.