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The Analytics & Insights Summit 2023 (powered by Sawtooth Software) brings together research and analytics professionals to deepen their knowledge and get hands-on training on the latest conjoint analysis methodologies. As a longtime Sawtooth Software partner, a team of SKIMmers will once again share our choice modeling expertise with industry peers in Barcelona.

During the summit, our methods and analytics experts from across the U.S. and Europe will present various technical papers, workshops, and tutorials on a range of choice modeling topics. Join our sessions and learn the latest conjoint analysis methodologies.

Running a Pricing Conjoint Project from Start to Finish

Egle Meskauskaite Manager
Remco Don

Date & Time: 3rd May 10:00-11:30

Determining the optimal product or portfolio pricing has always been a critical strategic decision and in light of the pricing dynamics we are observing these days, it is becoming even more important to have data-driven evidence to make these decisions. In this workshop, we will focus on the pricing (shelf) CBC study, and take a practical approach to guide you through the process.

What you will learn:
  • The workshop will cover different pricing research approaches, including Van Westendorp, Gabor Granger, Monadic experiments, and Conjoint, and discuss the pros and cons of each method.
  • You will learn how to set up and analyze a shelf conjoint, including building a customized statistical design, data re-coding, counts, Logit, and HB.
  • The workshop will include tips and tricks to get the most out of the data, and help attendees model the data and interpret the results effectively.
  • The tutorial will be based on a real dataset using Lighthouse Software.

Reduced Priming for Enhanced Conjoint Analysis

Cynthia Sahm

Date & Time: 4th May 12:00-12:30

In this presentation, we will discuss the benefits of including nine priming questions before showing a Choice-based Conjoint (CBC). We will introduce four questions that can account for a majority of variance and discuss whether asking just four questions has the same priming benefit as asking nine.

Comparing Approaches to Adaptive Choice Modeling

Zach Levine
Technical Manager
Kees Van der Wagt
Senior Director Methodology and Analytics

Date & Time: 4th May 12:00-12:30

Adapting conjoint tasks from a respondent’s previous answers has been a longstanding need in conjoint research. In this study, we will compare two different methods of implementing adaptive conjoint: preference-based conjoint and an approach with an on-the-fly latent class. In addition, we will attempt to determine how to optimize each method.

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Sawtooth Software provides advanced analytics and insights to help organizations understand what’s important to their customers and to predict what they will buy or choose. They do this through their solutions platform, consulting, and educational services.

The Sawtooth platform handles traditional survey questions, but they are best known for an integrated predictive analytics solution called Conjoint Analysis, or Choice Analysis.

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