Are you surprised that consumer journeys are changing? Many of you have conducted consumer journey studies in the past. However, the past is past and pre-COVID. The consumer’s world is changing incredibly fast right now.

First COVID, followed by lockdowns and huge increases in online sales. We also had hope, then extreme house prices and much higher consumer spending than predicted. Supply chain craziness, inflation and fast rising consumer prices, rising interest rates, possible layoffs and recession were also disruptive phenomena that followed. Of course, consumer journeys and consumer decision behavior are changing rapidly!

In our presentation we laid out four areas you should focus on:

  • Journey mapping
  • Journey potential
  • Touchpoint importance
  • Activation

At Quirks New York 2022, we shared consumer journey tools that you can use and adapt to your needs and recommendations for how to activate your consumer journey insights

Date and time: July 20, 2022 from 4.15pm – 4.45pm
Location: Javits Center New York
SKIM Booth: 128

What you’ll learn

  • Four tools that you can use to optimize your insights in order to understand the fast-changing consumer behavior and mindset, and the changing relationships and touchpoints among channels.
  • Solutions and recommendations for activation and how that can turbocharge the impact of the journey research in your company. 
  • Consumer journeys are complex, tangled and a moving target. We’ll share tools to help you identify which journeys to focus on.
  • How to isolate the most impactful touchpoints and tactical strategies for opening those opportunities 

Meet our team of experts at Quirks New York

Stop by our booth #128: Have a chat with one of our SKIM experts and grab a delicious stroopwafel cookie! Demo one of our latest mobile-first innovations. Ask us about the fun ways we’re helping clients activate insights. Pick our brain about the recent digital commerce, sustainability, or revenue management questions we’ve been tackling. 

About the presenters:

Laurie Gaby
Laurie gaby, Associate Director, Global Lead for DJM

Laurie Gaby is an Associate Director at SKIM, based in Atlanta office. She is passionate about helping clients in the consumer goods, telecom and technology industries better understand and untangle consumer decision behavior.  She brings her positive attitude and partners with leading brands as one of the global leads for SKIM’s Decision Journey Mapping solution.

Bill Salokar
Bill Salokar – VP Client Solutions

Bill Salokar is a VP, Client Solutions. He uses his statistics, research, and business experiences to build client relationships and ensure SKIM solutions meet our clients’ needs. Bill is based in Atlanta. 

About Quirk’s Event:

Quirk’s Events are two-day gatherings of client-side researchers and their vendor partners featuring concurrent tracks of 30-minute sessions on all aspects of marketing research. Adjacent to the session rooms, a lively expo hall forms the center of the action. With ample networking opportunities and a fun, collegial atmosphere, the Quirk’s Event is designed to be inclusive and collaborative.