In a COVID-19 world, building a strong and agile eCommerce communications strategy is more critical than ever. Do you know the best practices for optimizing ads and product content in your category?

Developing solid guidelines based on actual online shopper behavior will give you a competitive edge. Online shopping can be overwhelming to consumers, especially to those who may be forced to try this channel for the first time.

  • Shoppers are bombarded with an almost infinite number of products and information online. Their attention span is low, especially on mobile. How can your product break through the online clutter?
  • In physical stores shoppers can examine avocados, try on makeup, smell candles, and compare cereal sizes. How can online visuals compensate for the physical brick & mortar experience?

In this webinar, eCommerce experts, Mike Mabey and Liz Kadrich, will share best practices in eCommerce advertising creative and product content you can use today. They’ll share practical tips on how to optimize your online content for popular online retailer sites and eCommerce platforms.

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Mike Mabey
eCommerce Practice Lead, Americas
Elizabeth Kadrich 
Global lead for online shopping environment research