SKIM | Creative Lab is SKIM’s iterative approach of sequential encounters with the target audience (e.g. IDI’s or FGs, viewed in-person) and client workshops in between. This qualitative research approach is not just a great tool for your concept development, it is an inspiring team event ensuring buy-in of all parties.

The strength of the SKIM | Creative Lab approach lies in the client workshops in between the target group encounters. The approach is flexibly designed (e.g. lasting from one to several days) to give enough room for discussion of new learnings and insights followed by improvement and re-finement of stimulus material on-the-go. The workshops allow a cross-functional team like global and local marketing representatives, R&D, sales, medical affairs, creative agency, designer, to collaborate and work together on maximizing the impact of the stimulus material on the target group. Joint workshops and viewings act as an inspiring team event and ensure buy-in of all parties.

Frederiek Ysebaert, Danone: “The insight driven findings from the Lab and its successful implementation in Germany were the foundation of an improved approach to globally communicate to our target groups and inspired the way of working in the central marketing team.”

The Lab is a strong method for selecting and optimizing all kinds of stimulus material:

  • Creative material like packaging design or print advertisement
  • Complete product or communication concepts
  • Detail aids or product brochures
  • Buckets or lists of singular messages or claims

Multiple skills and expertise are crucial to the success of a creative lab:

  • Skilled moderators and workshop facilitators
  • Thorough understanding of what makes a good concept, claim or detail aid