In research, combining quantitative and qualitative methodologies is a powerful approach to holistically answer the full scope of the research objectives. However, due to budget and timing constraints as well as the prioritization of numerical robustness to give final direction, sometimes the qualitative phase is overlooked.

This often leads to focusing on quantitative methodologies and opting to embed a few open-ended questions in the survey. This approach attempts to answer the gamut of research objectives while illuminating more of the ‘why’ that drives the answer selection.

However, from experience, open-ended questions are often tacked on at the end of already long surveys. This leads to fatigue, low engagement, and limited motivation from respondents to share more than what is minimally required.

This challenge poses a few questions:

  • Is there a way to capture qualitative depth at the scale, speed and spend of quantitative research?
  • How do we combine the exploratory nature of qual with the agility of quant?
  • How can we innovate at the intersection of the two methods?

With this in mind, we started to experiment with how we can use qualitative techniques, such as projective questioning, to get better responses in a light touch way without triggering fatigue or disengagement. This resulted in a new hybrid approach: QualBites.

Qual Bites, cost-effective approach to getting qualitative-inspired feedback at quantitative scale and pace

A Qual Bite is a survey that consists of only three key open-ended questions that unlocks consumer context, thought processes and associations by asking respondents to share stories or respond to situations in their own words (using text or voice).

To ensure you reach the optimal target group and capture a wide range of responses, these questions are shared with a large panel of pre-screened respondents at the size and scale our clients determine.

What you can expect from Qual Bites

  • Quick & Agile: Easy to set up, you get a wide range of responses in 1-2 days to complement quant studies  
  • More in-depth and illuminating responses: Relative to a typical open-end, you get responses with 148% more words used and 2.7 more themes per participant  
  • A way to scratch the surface more into the why with illuminating verbatims and stories 
  • A way to capture more consumer language around a topic area 
  • Can send out to a larger sample/get a larger scale of responses

You can use Qual Bites methodology as a starting point for claims generation/testing and innovation. By identifying the language and themes consumers are spontaneously tapping into, you can ideate claims innovations or help understand why a certain claim performs so well or poorly.

You can also use it for usage & attitude studies, to quickly identify a range of triggers, drivers and barriers to a product, service, or category.