Co-presented with Ferrero USA on translating data into insights at CRC 2017

Shiny new tools are fun, but let’s not forget that advanced analytics are a means to an end: reaching the consumer. As researchers and marketers strive to understand the omnichannel decision journey, our respective professions are brimming with gee-whiz technologies and methodologies that promise new revelations.

However, what they most often deliver is more data. It’s up to you to distill those analytical outputs into warm-blooded insights. Anthony Kuo from Ferrero USA and Oskar Toerneld, our VP Price and Portfolio Management shared strategies for translating coefficients into behaviors and bringing rows of data to life at the Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) 2017 in Chicago.

Insights from “Blinded by Science: Don’t lose sight of the consumer by diving too deep into analytics”

During this presentation, attendees learned:

  • How to use every touch point in the omnichannel to communicate a consistent brand story
  • How to build loyalty by offering a unique and diversified product portfolio
  • How to protect your long-term success by understanding the entire consumer experience