Understanding millennials requires adapting the research approach, i.e. asking millennials to respond to questions in ways that come naturally to them. Basically this means, moving away from traditional surveys, and moving towards new and fun research techniques involving the smartphone.

In this 30-minute SKIM webinar, we shared with you what we learned about millennials from a mobile research-based study we conducted in the telecom industry.

What you learn in this webinar

Millennials, the frequently discussed upcoming generation, is becoming a major decisive group, bringing a wave of change along with them. Growing up in a time of immense technological advancement, the millennial generation is now moving into their prime spending years. As a brand, you are forced to reexamine your offerings and how to position these in the market.

With the telecom industry – now under huge pressure of changing behaviors and unconventional competitors – as our case study, we’ll share with you the following insights:

  • New research technologies designed for the smartphone, e.g. “swiping” MaxDiff
  • Rational vs emotional: which statements drive decisions amongst millennials
  • How different styles of visualization influence millennials’ decision making

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