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Jessica is co-lead of SKIM’s Global Revenue Management practice. With 20 years of CPG experience, including at Beiersdorf Inc, Jessica has a deep understanding of the commercial and executional challenges that exist when seeking to drive sustainable and profitable growth. She enjoys tackling both the daily challenges and driving the long-term strategic roadmap of Revenue Management. Jessica is passionate about partnering with our clients to achieve their key business objectives.

Secrets to optimizing promotion strategies in 2024 

Secrets to optimizing promotion strategies in 2024 

By Jessica Edwards and Ricardo Rodrigues on April 15, 2024

What revenue management teams need to know about shifting consumer behavior in EU

After years of inflation, shoppers are becoming resistant to price increases. If you’re responsible for CPG / FMCG brands, you’ve likely seen consumers jump ship and are feeling the pressure to dial up promotions to increase sales this year.  

But promotions are expensive and can take a big bite out of your profits.   

So how can you create the right promotion strategy to entice consumers back to your brand, without sacrificing your bottom line? 

The key to optimal promotion strategies which drive incremental value is understanding and predicting consumer behavior. The SKIM revenue management practice recently conducted new research to explore these shifting price perceptions in Europe. 

Read on to learn these insights and uncover the promotional “sweet spot” that creates a win-win-win for your company, retailer and consumer.  

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