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Business Wargaming: A new approach to agile decision making

Business Wargaming: A new approach to agile decision making

By Arne Maas and Stefan Ammerlaan on May 21, 2021

A fun and holistic process that uncovers the right decisions FAST

“More data, more problems.” That’s how a Product Insights Lead recently described to us the reality many brands face when it comes to making decisions today. Holistic, data-driven decision making is more complex than ever before, thanks to a variety of competing realities:

  • Business intelligence is often siloed in different departments and data sources
  • Different data sources may give conflicting insights
  • Stakeholders have differing concerns and perspectives
  • The competitive landscape may not be well understood
  • Decisions need to be made quickly in response to changing markets and priorities

These realities impede your ability to make the best decisions to achieve your company’s goals.

So how can you bring together various data sources, information, insights, and stakeholders to make holistic and agile decisions?

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