Wednesday 5 Sep 2018 Stockholm, Sweden

(Wo)man vs. Machine: If, how, and when to automate qualitative research – MRMW EU 2018

Client budgets and timelines are shrinking while the need for quality remains the same. That trend has spurred an increase in survey automation, but can such solutions be applied to qualitative research given its human-centric nature? If so, what are the trade-offs?

Based on the results of a competition judged by Danone comparing machine analysis, human analysis and a mix of the two, we will present at the MRMW EU 2018 where attendees will learn why automation is feasible in qualitative research, and has the potential to speed up the research process, without compromising the quality of insights.

Date and time: Wednesday, 5th of September 2018
Location: Quality Hotel Globe, Stockholm

Mini Kalivianakis, Client Solutions Director and Partner

Insights from “(Wo)man vs Machine: From competition to collaboration”

Together with Danone and Voxpopme – a video insight platform – we set out to discover whether automation is even feasible, and if so, what are the benefits and drawbacks for research professionals? What is the impact on the time, cost and quality of insights? Moreover, how do clients evaluate these trade-offs?

To sum up, here are what attendees learned:

  • Practical insights for qualitative researchers for automating the process
  • Comparing machine analysis, human analysis and a mix of the two to understand if automation solutions can be applied to qualitative research given its human-centric nature
  • Exploring how automation can save costs and reduce research timelines

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