How can pharma companies optimize launch readiness and make greater impact when entering a competitive market?

This was the challenge Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) faced when preparing to launch a new therapy in the crowded immunology market. The leading pharmaceutical company needed to identify key focus points for their pre-launch strategy and develop KPI metrics that went ‘beyond the obvious.’ 

Unfortunately, traditional quantitative tracking studies only provided a passive measurement of the current market situation and lacked tangible actions. To maximize launch success, the company needed to know specific direction and opportunities where it could create a positive change for the brand and influence HCP prescription behavior. So, it changed its insights approach by embedding a scientifically-recognized behavioral change framework, COM-B. 

Join our co-presentation with BMS at EphMRA 2024, to learn how the COM-B framework helped optimize BMS’ launch readiness to: 

  1. Gain an in-depth understanding of the drivers and barriers to the adoption of this new therapy.
  2. Utilise behavioral insights to better shape brand strategy, with the goal of optimizing HCP journeys along the adoption ladder.

Date: Thursday, 27 June 2024

Time: 09:50 – 10:25 CET

Location: Leonardo Royal London, 10 Godliman St, London EC4V 5AJ 

What you will learn

  • Real-world case study from BMS revealing the practical application of the COM-B framework on launch strategy.
  • How to uncover specific, “beyond the obvious,” KPIs you need to measure to trigger behavior change. 
  • A new way to tailor research questions to the specific competitor landscape and market situation (e.g., entering an already crowded market vs. entering a market with high unmet needs and limited treatment options) to gain more relevant insights 
  • How to identify knowledge gaps, uncover barriers and opportunities, by synthesizing behavioral insights across different sources, (e.g. secondary data, previous market research, etc.)  
  • A simple framework to anticipate how and where to intervene to make HCPs progress across the adoption ladder  
  • How to facilitate decision-making, provide structure and clarity regarding where to focus cross-functional launch strategies 

About the presenters

Nassima Trad
Nassima Trad, Senior Manager, Business Insights & Analytics – Bristol-Myers Squibb

Nassima is part of the Business Insights & Analytics Team of Bristol-Myers Squibb. She holds a MSc in International Management and has an extensive experience in various functions including Forecasting, Competitive Intelligence, Marketing, and Market Research, both at global and local levels, providing her a broad understanding of the pharmaceutical business challenges. Nassima is strongly results oriented, she enjoys navigating through diverse business questions with a blend between team-play, knowledge management, and mature and independent approach to complex situations.

Weike Xia

Weike Xia, Manager – SKIM Healthcare 

Weike is a Manager in SKIM’s healthcare team. Using a strategic and forward-thinking approach, Weike brings expertise in qualitative and quantitative market research that drives innovation to translate insights into actionable outcomes. With a PhD in Behavioural Psychology, Weike is passionate about translating scientifically rigorous frameworks into tangible research solutions.