As part of our monthly SKIM webinar sessions, we hosted a free webinar, based on our successful TMRE presentation with Clorox, on whether or not comparative claims are the answer and how to maximize the impact of your product claims. Feel free to review the webinar via the webcast and/or slide deck below.

How to communicate superior value through your product claims

Presented by:
Scott Garrison, Manager
Paul Janssen, VP North America

About the webinar

More than ever before, brands rely on strong claims to convince consumers of their superiority. Marketing executives recognize this and send directives to their teams to create more hard-hitting claims. The most intuitive response is to do this by making comparative claims that directly claim superiority over competitive offerings. But is this really the most effective way to set yourself apart?

We did a deep dive into this topic and are here to share our findings. Analysis of thousands of claims reveals how consumers really perceive value and the way it affects their decision making. By linking these insights to the everyday complexities clients face, we will bring you a set of actionable guidelines on how to maximize the impact of your product claims.