(Wo)man vs Machine: If, how, and when to automate qualitative research

With the increased need for speed, should you add AI and automated research solutions to your research mix this year?

We recently partnered with leading global food brand, Danone, to compare human analysis, machine analysis and a mix of the two for a qualitative research project. Can you guess who emerged as the victor in this (wo)man vs. machine match up? The results may surprise you.

At the Research and Results 2018, attendees learned why automation is feasible in qualitative research, and has the potential to speed up the research process, without compromising the quality of insights.

Date and time: Wednesday, 24 of October 2018 from 15.45 – 16.30
Location: Room 2, MOC Convention Centre
Booth number: 176
Language: German with simultaneous English translation

Julia Görnandt, Country Manager Germany

Streamline your trackers and maximize your output: A sophisticated solution to analyze stated and unstated factors

Brand tracking studies are important to monitor and shape brand strategies but can be cumbersome in execution and interpretation. In this workshop, we will introduce two customized approaches to brand driver analyses using statistical models in both consumer and healthcare studies.

At the Research and Results 2018, we presented how these analyses can help us to go beyond tracking by identifying key performance indicators in big data sets and exploring unstated drivers for brand success.

Date and time: Thursday, 25th of October 2018 at 12.30 – 13.15
Location: Room 5, MOC Convention Centre
Booth number:

Giacomo Sartori, Senior Analyst
Judith Suttrup, Manager