Monday 24 Oct 2016

Patient centric devices and CPG insights for healthcare messaging at the PMRG Institute

We were out in full force at the PMRG Institute 2016 sharing insights on autoinjector development as patient centric devices and what the CPG industry can teach us about creating healthcare messaging.

Prototype to patient life: Human factors of autoinjectors

Presented by:
Ariel Herrlich, Senior Analyst
Alex Zhu, Manager

Patient-Centric-Devices-Medical-SKIM-PMRGAt the nexus of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, autoinjector development and prototype testing touches upon a wide variety of manufacturers within the healthcare industry. The fast growth of autoinjectors has complemented the rise of biologics. As the biologics market becomes increasingly crowded with the introduction of biosimilars, the role of autoinjectors has received increased attention as a potential point of differentiation.

This session addressed important considerations and best practices for designing patient centric devices such as autoinjectors, with an emphasis on capturing those elements that can all too easily disappear in front of the two-way mirror. Find out more on the event website.

Applying CPG learnings to develop winning healthcare messages

Presented by:
Bill Salokar, VP Client Solutions
Alex Gonzalez, Analyst

CPG-Learnings-Healthcare-Messaging-SKIM-PMRGIn this day and age, the success of a product relies heavily on the appeal of messages used to promote it. It becomes even more important to have strong messages in the healthcare realm due to the limited amount of exposure to patients and time that sales reps can spend with physicians. In order to determine how healthcare companies can best design their messages for their targets, we consulted our meta-analysis on CPG communications.

Because a vast array of research has been conducted in CPG, a wide breadth of learnings exist in regards to drivers of message performance. By running a meta-analysis on 850+ CPG messages and comparing them to 50+ healthcare studies, we were able to identify a 3-step solution for building winning healthcare messages. Find out more on the event website.

Innovation Adoption Panel

Bill Salokar, VP Client Solutions, was a panelist for a discussion on the MRII/PMRG Innovation Adoption Study with panelists Lisa Courtade of Merck and Charlotte Sibley. He announced the theme and coming call for presentations for the 2017 PMRG CONNECT Conference.

For more information about the PMRG Institute, visit the event website.