Join us at the upcoming General Online Research (GOR) 2020 to hear how we applied AI in Voice Analytics to uncover deeper consumer insights for new product development strategies with Johnson & Johnson.

While traditional qualitative techniques can be used to uncover emotions, the results can’t easily be scaled. Alternatively, quantitative research can deliver stated emotions, but lack depth, leaving us to rely too heavily on ‘what’ people tell us – and we often see an overstated interest in innovations.

With stress and anxiety seeming a societal epidemic, Johnson & Johnson partnered with us to explore the possibility of providing mainstream anti-stress innovations through a new hybrid Qual-Qant-AI approach. Using a voice analytics tool from Audeering, we analyzed ‘how’ people communicate their needs, attitudes and interest, to better uncover implicit emotions for more effective innovation strategies.

If you’ve ever experienced consumers overstating their interest towards an innovation, join our session to learn how we tackled this by mining emotions at scale!

Date and Time: Thursday, 10 September at 10.30 am
Track: D, Digital Methods in Applied Research

Julia Görnandt, Director DACH
Julia Görnandt, Director DACH