Qualitative research allows us to look through ‘the eyes of a consumer’ and understand the emotions and attitudes behind decisions. However, collecting a robust sample of consumers’ emotions at a large scale remains a challenge.

To tackle this challenge, SKIM has innovated a new hybrid approach for early-stage NPD research. By using a voice analytics tool, we can analyze ‘how’ people communicate their needs, attitudes and interest, to better uncover implicit emotions for more effective innovation strategies.

We recently teamed up with Johnson & Johnson to put this new research technique to the test to mine emotions.

“We are constantly investigating ways of gathering deep human understanding using both explicit and implicit tools.”

– Sofia Jorman, Consumer Science Manager, Global R&D operations, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Division SelfCare

Focusing on the topic of stress, join us at BHBIA Annual Conference 2020 where we’ll share our journey to measure the consumer appetite for mainstream anti-stress digital innovations using this new hybrid approach.

Visit us at stand #5 to know more about this hybrid innovative approach for early stage new product development

Judith Suttrup, Senior Research Manager

Date and time: Tuesday, 12 May 2020 at 15.20-15.35
Location: Plenary session, De Vere Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor, Berkshire
Booth: Stand #5 for the agency fair