Double action at the Insight Show: Paper of the Year nomination and Keynote Panel

We are thrilled to share with you the double good news:

  • Our Unspoken™ story is nominated for the Paper of the Year Award at the Insight Show 2017 and that we’ll present it at the main stage with 200+ audience, and
  • The recently joined Research Manager, Samantha Bond, will be part of the Keynote Panel: Research Leaders of the Future on the Headline stage

The Insight Show is a 2-day event held on March 8-9, 2017 in Olympia West, London.

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During our Unspoken™ presentation, we’ll share with you about how the “natural” mobile research techniques we developed can capture both rational – emotional drivers in decision-making and increase participants’ engagement.

In the keynote session, together with other rising stars in the UK research industry, Samantha will discuss key drivers transforming the industry, important skills needed for this transformation, and how to attract the best talent.

Here is the information on the two sessions:

Swipe left, swipe right” – New implicit methods utilising mobile technology and System 1 & 2
Date: March 9th, 2017 at 16:05
Location: Headline stage, Olympia London
Presented by: Sarah Cunliffe & Patricia Dominguez

Insights during the mobile research Unspoken™ session

  • The importance of bridging rational and emotional drivers in accurately predicting consumers’ behaviour
  • How to capture non-rational drivers through an intuitive design based on implicit research techniques
  • How “natural” mobile techniques such as swiping can be used to increase engagement
  • A real-life case study will demonstrate how these techniques improve performance over traditional surveys

Everything you need to know about Unspoken™

Insights during the keynote panel

  • Hear from some of the UK’s rising stars leading innovation in the research industry
  • What do these young talents see as being the key drivers transforming the industry?
  • What skills will become more important for researchers as the industry continues to transform?
  • How can the research industry attract the best young talent?

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