Rotterdam, 10 September 2020 –  SKIM, International insights agency specializing in decision behavior, announced it has partnered with Dutch organization NL2025 and the initiative Namens Nederland to determine how DNamens Nederland COVID conjoint surveyutch residents’ public attitudes have changed in the COVID-19 context.

SKIM helped design a large-scale, conjoint research survey, which commenced in April 2020. The goal of the survey is to identify and prioritize the social ‘themes’ residents care most about.

Namens Nederland sought to answer the following:

  • Which themes are most important to residents now?
  • What do the Dutch public anticipate wanting in the future?
  • How have public perceptions shifted in response to the crisis?

Based on SKIM’s conjoint analysis, McKinsey & Company analyzes the data and provides insights to the NL2025 group to help inform and guide future public and private initiatives. NL2025, McKinsey & Company and SKIM have partnered on a similar initiative five years ago.

“Namens Nederland uses the conjoint-method to create insight into trade-offs: what do people in the Netherlands want? And what are they willing to do or sacrifice to achieve that,” says Ivo Eman, Senior Expert Analytics at McKinsey & Company.

“Since we don’t have the internal capabilities to build and host the conjoint analysis for this type of complex survey, we partner with SKIM for their technical expertise.”

Luuk Speksnijder, ambassador Namens Nederland and Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company explains, “There is a lot of uncertainty and a lack of clarity about how we will do tomorrow, and what we have to do after this crisis. With these surveys, we are able to start a dialogue to develop a shared vision and perspective.”

Namens Nederlands McKinsey SKIM conjoint survey
Interim results Namens Nederland

NL2025 (meaning “the Netherlands by 2025”) was established by leaders across business, media, entertainment, art, sports, and the scientific communities coming together in a commitment to build a better future for the Netherlands. It aims to achieve significant results within the next 10 years by seeking public support – and commitment to – various initiatives.

SKIM previously partnered with the initiative Namens Nederland on its 2015 national survey aimed at understanding Dutch priorities and perceptions across popular themes in the country: education, sustainable growth and a vital society. Namens Nederland believes that prioritizing these pillars will make more impact, as well as achieving results faster and avoiding lengthy discussions.

“SKIM has always been committed to lending our expertise to governments and institutions looking to create a positive impact in the world,” says Hans Willems, Director and Lead of SKIM’s Data Science team. “With our roots in the Netherlands, we’re happy to partner with NL2025 to help them uncover insights in public perception in today’s new normal.”

NL2025 has recently published the first interim results, including the ideas shared on the Namens Netherlands platform and the impact of the initiatives in this Corona period.

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