The ‘art’ of finding the right respondent has become more complex. SKIM’s Ana Edelenbosch, Senior Research Executive, and Marcel Slavenburg, Research Director Qualitative, discuss the process of creating and implementing a recruitment profile process, in place of traditional study participant screening, in the January 2015 edition of Quirk’s Marketing Research Review.

The screening and recruitment process is ready for an overhaul

As the research industry adapts to modern decision-making processes and shortening project timelines, the art of finding the right respondent has become more complex and time-consuming. Quota requirements are tightening and looking for the needle in the haystack has become the new normal. A great deal of time is spent discussing, negotiating and finalizing screening questions and other study details. Very narrow expectations often result in high screen-out rates that lead to last-minute screener adaptations and re-contacting and/or re-inviting respondents that were initially screened out.