We hosted a free webinar on the challenges of mobile research on feature phones and low end smartphones in developing countries on Thursday, March 19th, as part of our monthly SKIM webinar sessions. Feel free to review the webinar via the webcast and/or slide deck below.

Mobile research with low tech devices

Presented by:
Robin de Rooij, Director Asia Pacific
Jeroen Hardon, Research Director

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About the webinar

Traditionally, in developing countries, research on lower social classes is conducted in a face-to-face setting. With the appearance of mobile devices, new ways of reaching a larger audience in a fast and cost-effective way have become available. However, it is key to realize that mobile devices in developing countries are often less advanced than the smart phones we are using ourselves.

Teenagers and those in lower social classes of developing countries may not have a lot of purchasing power now, but they do represent a key target market for the future for multinationals.

Robin and Jeroen shared insights and challenges from a study we conducted in Asia, targeting users of feature phones and low tech smart phones.