To kick off the monthly SKIM webinar sessions in 2016, we hosted our first free webinar of the year on January 28th. Based on our successful presentation at Bridge2Food’s Healthy Ageing Conference,  we shared insights on how to align with the healthy, ageing consumer. Feel free to review the webinar via the webcast and/or slide deck below.

How different generations make different purchase decisions

Presented by:
Robert Dossin, Client Solutions Director EU

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About the webinar

At SKIM, we’ve been digging into how different generations (Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials) make purchase decisions and what information they use to inform their decision. For the skin care industry, we asked 500 consumers in the US, 400 in Germany, and 400 in South Korea how they would rank different sources of information on key dimensions such as Honesty, Expertise and Trustworthiness. Many results are counter intuitive!

We already knew that Baby Boomers don’t trust information on Facebook or Twitter, but did you know that Millennials equally rely on product reviews compared to their elderly generations?

In this month’s webinar, we’ll tell you more about this and many other facts about the different generations’ purchase decisions. Strategic marketers can learn and understand how to be more aligned with this growing target group and close the gap between – young marketer – and old (and healthy) consumer!