Medication-taking behavior is a complex issue that has long been a challenge in the healthcare industry. During this EPHMRA webinar and panel discussion, Menarini Group and SKIM will explore the concept of adhesion as a prerequisite for adherence, shedding light on its significance in the patient journey. Through the lens of market research, we will discuss evolving trends and technologies that enable a deeper understanding of patient behavior beyond traditional interviewing methods.

Key topics to be covered in this webinar:

  • From Adherence to Adhesion: Adhesion represents “the foundation of the house” that can ultimately drive adherent behaviors. It could be measured in-depth in a multi-dimensional world.
  • Although today there are different possibilities to measure adherence, most of these present limits and pitfalls to give a comprehensive measurement of adherence.
  • To address all dimensions of adherence and adhesion, from acceptance to commitment, there is a need to create a new standard and comprehensive tool starting from new tools to new forms of cooperation.

This is a webinar exclusively for EPHMRA member companies. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover the road to adherence!

About the Presenters

Michele Spinetta- Corporate Market Research Head,
The Menarini Group

Michele has been involved in market research since his university studies at Bocconi University. With a wealth of experience in the pharma industry, he has held the role of Corporate/Global Market Research Head since 2016.

Adriano Guidi- Global Coordinator of Market Research,
The Menarini Group

Adriano brings extensive expertise in market research, having worked in various sectors and companies. He joined Menarini Group in 2002 and assumed the role of global coordinator in 2016.

Daisy Lau- Senior Manager, SKIM

Daisy has over 15 years of experience in healthcare market research, specializing in qualitative research. Her focus is on understanding the behavioral drivers of patients and healthcare professionals.