We’re proud and excited to be nominated as finalists for the MRS Awards 2019 in 2 categories:

Innovation in Data Analytics:

From Terabytes to Insights – Informing a big data driven content strategy to inspire architects to build better cities

To help our client ArchDaily, SKIM’s team of advanced analytics experts, led by Juan Tello, Senior Director LATAM, was tasked to synthesize billions of data records into actionable recommendations to power ArchDaily’s big data content strategy. ArchDaily is the leading web portal providing information to help millions of architects build better cities globally.

By combining machine learning with sound statistics, our team was able to 1) Forecast future popularity of architectural trends, and 2) Identify key drivers of blockbuster articles.

Healthcare Research:

The SMART way of tapping into patient emotions – Can chatbots help?

In healthcare research, we often rely on (traditional) qualitative research methods to tap into patient emotions and needs. However, asking patients to reflect back on an emotional period in their lives after this chapter has already been closed, can create barriers in understanding the highs and lows of this emotional journey.

To help our client overcome this, SKIM’s team of Healthcare experts, driven by Janneke van den Bent, implemented a cutting-edge chatbot methodology – aiming to better understand patient needs and to better capture their emotions during this period.

Not only provided our research unique insights to our client, needed to educate and empower healthcare professionals, it also pushed methodological boundaries in healthcare research and the wider research industry.

About MRS Awards

MRS is the UK professional body for research, insight and analytics. MRS hosts the sector’s key awards including the MRS Awards for outstanding individuals and organisations. The MRS Excellence Awards celebrate research’s ability to drive innovation, inspire change and deliver results. The winners will be announced on December 2.