In the July 2014 issue of GCI magazine, SKIM’s Sourabh Sharma and Scott Garrison are sharing how to “Make Your Green Claims Mean Something” based on insights from our meta-analysis of claims across a plethora of categories, including beauty and personal care.

Key takeaways are:

  • The green trend isn’t going away, but consumers are becoming more and more skeptical of brand-promoted “green” claims—and what’s more, “green” isn’t a huge factor in consumers’ decision to actually purchase. If being eco-friendly is something you want equated with your brand, make sure you are doing it in a way that is meaningful to consumers.
  • Green claims need to be specific. Vague promises of natural ingredients and giving back aren’t enough anymore.
  • Green claims need to be developed in support of a product’s primary benefit.

Read the entire article on the GCI website.