Medical nutrition companies must develop and market products to both healthcare professionals and consumers. Triggering both target groups is a challenge: while offering great health benefits is a pre-requisite, ensuring compliance is also crucial (by ensuring the product is pleasant-tasting and convenient to use).

Published on Research and Results , our Healthcare Client Solutions Manager – Robert Dossin, shared how you best address the needs of two different target groups: the prescribers and the consumers.

Clinical relevance is a must

Major medical nutrition players used to focus on delivering medical nutrition for malnutrition (for example countering a lack of nutrients). As these products are covered by health services and insurers in most countries, medical nutrition marketers traditionally focus on healthcare professionals: the prescribers. Limited attention is paid to convincing end-consumers. With consumers as final purchase decision makers, it is crucial to understand their needs and perceptions and how to best convince them to purchase these products. Hence a new expertise is required: defining successful consumer marketing approaches.

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