Sourabh Sharma, Communication and Social Media Research expert, and Scott Garrison, Manager, from SKIM are discussing the impact of age demographics on claims in the June 2014 issue of GCI magazine. While overgeneralizing is never a good idea for marketers, there are some best practices that can help brands target certain age demographics.

Marketing Moves for Age Demographics

Key takeaways are:

  • Marketing to different age groups is a consequence of an evolving society, so brands also need to evolve their strategies and demographic breakdowns instead of relying on tired stereotypes.
  • Brand marketers must understand who they are speaking to when crafting claims, as this type of marketing outreach will impact different consumers differently. Older consumers tend to be more receptive to messages about preventing negative events, while younger consumers don’t want to be reminded of the negatives they are yet to face.
  • Social media is a place where all different demographics can come together, but there are still best practices that can target a specific type of consumer.

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