Based on our meta-analysis of marketing messages across the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America, we’ve identified opportunities for creating effective marketing messages by specifically leveraging regional consumer preferences; that said, there are potential pitfalls that need to be avoided, as well. We show you how to handle this in the cover story of Quirk’s magazine.

How to create high-potential global marketing messages

“At the core of every effective marketing message is a truly resonant value proposition, one that is articulate and compelling. That tenet holds true no matter where in the world a message is propagated. But what resonates as a “true value proposition” can differ based on the geographic and cultural context in which it is being shared.

As part of a meta-analysis conducted by us, researchers set out to discover how four key characteristics of effective messaging perform in select global markets. Those characteristics are: promise value; emphasize the key benefit first; be specific; and create differentiation.

It is generally understood that by writing messages that include these four characteristics, marketers can boost the likelihood of a message performing strongly in the market. However, with more brands and products acting on a global scale, it bears asking how these four common characteristics can be most effectively applied to messaging across differing markets.

Out meta-analysis examined more than 5,000 marketing claims in four categories including personal care, food, health care and laundry/household care. Through multivariate analysis techniques, researchers were able to uncover valuable insights into how to develop a winning messaging strategy.

The findings of the meta-analysis revealed that every message must meet certain standards for style and tonality in order to succeed. While adhering to the message checklist below may not guarantee that a message is successful, it will ensure that the message does not fall short due to weak articulation…”