We are proud to announce that Triggerpoint, our research facility dedicated to conducting qualitative market research is now featured on the Groot Handelsgebouw website.

The Groot Handelsgebouw is the largest multi-tenanted building in the Netherlands where our headquarter as well as Triggerpoint are currently located. Speaking to Jeroen van den Hoven, Studio Director and Research Manager at Triggerpoint, they talked about who Triggerpoint is, their achievements, and challenges they’ve faced so far.

Who is Triggerpoint and what set them apart

In the interview, Jeroen spoke about how Triggerpoint started and how it has developed its Unique Selling Point, “Triggerpoint is part of SKIM, the international market research agency specialized in customer decision behaviour. For 40 years SKIM coordinates qualitative and quantitative research.

Almost 6 years ago we started Triggerpoint, an inspiring research facility. We rent out meeting rooms for qualitative research, brainstorm, and team sessions. Our panoramic one-way mirror allow our customers to monitor the market research real-time. We also provide interpreters if necessary. Our research is focused on the pharmaceutical industry, customer goods and B2B.

From our own experience we know what qualitative researchers need. We are able to set-up…”