Looking for your next challenge in your market research career? Excited to push your boundaries and take on more responsibility? Want to work with a variety of multinational clients and tackle complex strategic questions? Ready to dive deeper into more complex studies?

SKIM offers you the opportunity to become a true expert in your chosen field, to lead innovation, to lead expert teams, and to be the trusted partner to global clients.

Who are SKIMmers? And who are you?

SKIMmers are enthusiastic, smart and ambitious. Our passion is finding meaningful insights.

After a few years’ experience in market research, SKIM managers are part of a team that gives you space for innovation. You get to work directly alongside industry thought leaders and learn from them. You take on more responsibilities.

At this stage SKIMmers take their research competencies to the next level and develop a certain area of expertise.

Do you know which area you want to become an expert in?

What can SKIM offer you?

A community of ambitious SKIMmers: we celebrate diversity in talent, experience and background and believe in equality and inclusiveness.

SKIMmers are people, not numbers, nobody fits in a box here.

Dream big

Create your own career path at SKIM

Work across clients and industries. Tackle different questions for clients in consumer goods, technology, services, and healthcare, etc.

Dream big and design your own career. Experience different career paths and innovation projects by diving deep into SKIM’s expertise areas.

Work with the best

Non-hierarchical, collaborative network

We pride ourselves on being a network organization of experts. Analyst, managers, directors all collaborate and often work hand-in-hand.

We complement each other, inspire each other, drive each other’s success and celebrate our collective success.

Focus on you

Employee wellbeing

Our company was founded on the promise a healthy work/life balance. Many SKIMmers across levels choose to work 4-days per week (80%). They spend the rest of their time with kids/grandkids, doing sports, a hobby or volunteering.

Any job at SKIM is open to being part-time, just ask!

We recognize that wellbeing also includes physical and mental health. So, we offer resilience training, we organize sporting events and we ensure there are moments we can have fun and relax together.

A greater purpose

Commitment to the world

SKIMmers form a community of professionals that care about the people and the world around us. We have committed to achieving three goals by 2025, inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

1. Empower 1,000 people to achieve their dreams and lead lives that they value.

2. Become a carbon-positive company

3. Empower our clients to accelerate the circular economy.

SKIMmers brainstorm ways we can make a positive impact in our local communities during a global event
SKIMmers brainstorm ways we can make a positive impact in our local communities during a global event