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SKIM is an innovative and ambitious organization. Our mission is to become the #1 decision behavior expert and trusted partner to the world’s leading organizations.

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Who are SKIMmers? And who are you?

SKIMmers are smart, enthusiastic and ambitious. They love solving complex problems and enjoy working with other experts to learn from each other and find innovative solutions. A SKIMmer’s enthusiasm is palpable, they like to be intellectually challenged, they enjoy autonomy. They also share a healthy sense of competition, striving for their own success whilst also supporting and celebrating the success of others. SKIMmers care about the world around them and are actively committed to SKIMPact, our mission towards sustainability towards our clients and ourselves. Does this sound familiar to you? Do you see yourself as a SKIMmer? 

What is expected from you?

When you are at the beginning of your career, as a graduate or with a few years’ experience, your focus is on learning and developing yourself into a robust researcher. Your objective is to achieve project management excellence and become a skilled, knowledgeable, robust researcher. You may have more affinity with certain areas of research such as Analytics or Modelling, Data Science, Consumer psychology, Account management, Brand Communication, but we encourage you to learn as much as possible in your early career to make sure you have a solid skillset that will set you up perfectly for the next steps in your career.

You are expected to learn all the process steps of Market Research, for the majority of SKIMmers starting their career. This includes:

  • data collection
  • data analysis
  • developing the story
  • working with clients from day one 

Some SKIMmers may focus more on the technical elements of research such as Data Science, Big Data, Statistics, Modelling, Programming; their journey into Market Research is therefore different, because we emphasize on each individual’s unique talent. But saying that, we do think it’s important to be exposed to all the different corners of Research before you decide which career paths excite you most. We expect you to learn, gain experience, maximize exposure to different challenges, build your technical skills, develop independence and project management excellence. 

What skills are important to succeed?

The key skills for any SKIMmer are:

  • Critical Thinking: look beyond the process to the objective; challenge the outcome; consider alternatives; ask the right questions; think rationally; be critical;
  • Collaboration: this is an essential part of SKIM’s and each SKIMmers’ success, so you need to be able to work well in a team, support others, share knowledge, encourage each other’s success, build our SKIM community;
  • Excellent communication skills: how else can we partner with clients and work as a team?

Other important competencies are; being determined and focused, being able to quickly understand the critical success factors, an eye for detail, being able to priorities, work with tight deadlines. We don’t ask you to be a perfectionist, we expect you to make mistakes in order to learn and grow; however, we do expect you to have an ambition to strive towards excellence. Technical skills such as R, SPSS, Excel are preferred. Besides that, we expect you to have a true interest in Market Research, Consumer Behavior, and/or Data Analytics.

What is your academic background?

SKIMmers have a strong academic background, though they have studied a vast variety of subjects including Marketing Science, Data Science, Consumer Behavior, Econometrics, Applied Mathematics, Psychology, Health science & Business, Economics & Marketing, Neuroscience, Business Analytics, Anthropology and other interesting studies.

Additional Information

In case you got enthusiastic: very nice that you are positive about SKIM! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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