We’re proud to announce that SKIM has been named as a finalist for a 2023 Marketing Society Star Award, based on our ongoing partnership with Edrington UK.

SKIM and Edrington UK teamed up to optimize their omnichannel path-to-purchase strategy. The aim was to help Edrington understand how to solve changing consumer behavior during the pandemic and adjust its strategy to accommodate a more digital-centric experience.

While Edrington is well-known as the UK’s #1 whisky supplier, the research showed that as consumer behavior has shifted online in the premium liquor category, more competitors were vying for the attention of their target market.

In response, SKIM’s research outlined the online and offline touchpoints that could trigger purchase behavior and provided more insights for Edrington to implement in their marketing strategy, including decisions around spend and tactics.

“In SKIM’s work with Edrington UK, we adopted a strategic approach of unraveling a very complex customer journey in the whisky and spirits category. We leaned into the wealth of available data and delivered a simple but intuitive insights message. This not only resonated with the client, but their partners as well, with its focus on compelling visuals and actionable insights.”  

– Stephen Scales, Director, SKIM London

Read the full case study here

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