Dirk Huisman, Chairman and Founder at SKIM, shared five trends shaping the future of insights generation and market research – and how insights specialists can and will implement these changes to make it happen- with Quirk’s online.

5 trends shaping customer insights

“The market research industry is experiencing a period of tumultuous evolution thanks to innovations in technology and consumer lifestyle. This presents a number of opportunities and challenges for insight professionals. Our ability to rise to these new challenges and take advantage of the opportunities before us will largely determine who is left to define marketing research.

Marketing decisions based on intuition rather than customer insight data

On average marketers rely on data for only 11 percent of all customer-related decisions. (This often-quoted percentage is based on a study conducted by the Executive Board and posted in 2012 on the Harvard Business Review blog network.) Instead of basing decisions on data, marketers more often rely on previous experiences, intuition, one-off customer interactions and conversations with managers and colleagues. Why? Many marketers struggle with statistics, are overwhelmed by data or find that reliable data-based insights are not available when needed.

In spite of this love-hate relationship with data, the customer insight market has continued to grow, even during the recession…”