GreenBook GRIT 2019 Report recognizes SKIM for innovation for third consecutive year

We’re proud to announce that SKIM has been recognized for our strategic consulting, innovation and data analytics expertise in the 2019 GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report – Business & Innovation edition. The company has been named to the Top 50 Most Innovative Research Suppliers (#21), in addition to earning top 25 rankings on newly created lists for strategic consultancy (#12), fullservice (#11) and data & analytics (#22).

Defining innovation in market research

GreenBook identifies how much the brand attribute of innovation drives brand awareness and what the term innovation means to the insights industry. Clients categorized innovative agencies as those offering speed, targeting and more service-based attributes, such as the team, leadership, and service.

SKIM has been built on a foundation of innovation and 2019 is no different. Every day SKIMmers across our 9 offices partner with clients to extract more insights from multiple sources of data, develop new research techniques to meet today’s changing decision-making environment and help companies thrive along the way.

For example, this year we:

What’s trending in market research: AI, Automation and Machine Learning

A key theme among clients and research suppliers in this year’s GRIT report centered on AI, automation and machine learning. With the proliferation of big data, these technologies combined with our human analytical expertise, enable us to generate more robust and actionable insights in today’s quickly evolving insights industry.

At SKIM we are already making the shift from generating insights from research studies, experiments and behavioral data to the fusion of multiple data categories. The value of this data-fusion approach, powered by human intelligence and machine learning, is tremendous for our industry and for clients tackling increasingly complex business issues.

“Insights professionals can no longer solely rely on research experiments or big data alone to analyze, predict and influence decision behavior,” said Joris Huisman, Managing Director SKIM.

“We are enthusiastic about the insights we have uncovered with our data-fusion approach – combining experimental and behavioral data. And our clients are reaping the benefits of these new research technique also. Thank you to clients and peers for this recognition!”

Market research partners to the most innovative companies

GreenBook also publishes the GRIT Top 25 Most Innovative Client Companies. They ask researchers who the most innovative clients/brands are (and why) and the data is collected in exactly the same way as the supplier side. SKIM has partnered with 17 of the top 25 most innovative client companies on the list.

“Congratulations to our clients who are innovating alongside us,” said Huisman. “We grateful for the partnership and your enthusiasm in exploring new techniques and solutions with us!”

2019 GRIT Report – Top 25 Most Innovative Client Companies

About the GRIT Report – Business & Innovation Edition

GreenBook is directory of market research companies, focus group facilities, moderators, online marketing research firms, and consultants. It publishes several editions of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report each year, featuring hard-to-find critical trend data, analysis, and expert commentary.

The 25th edition of the GRIT Report was released in July 2019, using data collected in Q1 & Q2 of 2019. The GRIT Business & Innovation edition looks at the big picture of the insights industry and how individual organizations (both research suppliers and buyers) fit into this ecosystem.

It explores the challenges and opportunities across the industry as a whole. Download the full report to learn how external changes spur innovation and impact business outcomes, expectations, and strategies.