Most of the research done today is based on reflective, rational techniques. Although we may be convinced that we base our purchase on totally sensible criteria such as price, number of functions, color and size, any sales person knows that appealing to a buyer’s emotional side is just as important in securing the sale.

In market research, we want to understand how decisions are being made and that also includes emotions during seemingly rational decision. Even if we expect that a decision is driven by emotions, it can be highly relevant to understand which emotions are at play and if, for example, different target groups have different emotional profiles that are relevant when positioning the product.

During the “Mining Emotion: Technology that Delivers the Moments of Truth” session at MRS Impact – London 2019, we will introduce a research tool for measuring emotions and then present a Johnson and Johnson case study giving some first ideas about the use of emotion knowledge in market research.

Date and time: Tuesday, 12th of March at 15:10
Location: Room 2, Grange Tower Bridge Hotel

  • Judith Suttrup, Manager – SKIM
  • Samantha Bond, Manager – SKIM